January 20th, 2008


Message in a bottle

I have updated the intro to this journal to explain... Ariane came home after seven years of wandering without any contact with her family, and left again in the next year, the summer of 2006. I have re-opened the journal in the hope of using the power of the internet to cast messages in a bottle, where perhaps they might drift up on whatever shore she finds herself.

The most important first thing: Ariane, we love you. No matter what misunderstandings we have had, that remains unshakeable. Wherever you are in the world, if you ever need help, call us and we will be there. I will keep the same telephone number forever so you know where to find me. I can't promise that I won't retire some day, or live in a different house (I have never wanted to leave this spot, in case you should turn up), or be buried in some plot of ground. But as long as I am alive, you can call that telephone. And whatever it takes, both I and my spouse will be there. When L and I married, we promised that "thy people shall be my people," and you can count on L as much as you can count on me.

Those whom we have lost

image courtesy of freefoto.comDeath is one of those occasions when all members of a famly tend to come together, no matter what other kinds of things separate them. It has always seemed important to recognize and acknowlege that final passage. Perhaps it is only a way-station, and all this life is only an illusion, but all the same nothing goes on as it did before that river has been crossed.


Your grandmother Elisa passed away in 2006, after you lost contact with us. She is buried with her husband, the grandfather that you never really knew. You can find her name at the cemetary website, if you ever want to visit.


Laurie passed away two days ago, on January 18, 2008. She was diagnosed with ALS in the summer. She declined quickly, losing the use of her legs and arms, then her ability to swallow and to speak, and finally to breathe. She had the hereditary version, which progresses more rapidly than the other kind.  She will be buried with Celeste and her mother. From the obituary: All are invited to a graveside service on Tuesday, January 22nd at 11:00am in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Central Street, West Acton. Those who wish may make memorial contributions in her name to the Feed the Children, on-line at Feedthechildren.org; or by mail, Feed the Children, PO Box 36, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73101-0036.