January 23rd, 2008


Laurie and Texas

Laurie was buried yesterday, next to Celeste. She didn't want money spent on funeral arrangements, so it was all very simple. There was no wake and the service was at the graveside. It was gratifying to see so many people turn out and stand around in the cold to support the family and to say goodbye. Funerals always make me think about what I would want for myself when I'm gone, I hope that there will be as many people who care.

I know that your relationship with her was not smooth, but you would have to admire how well she bore up under the circumstances of dying slowly in such a dreadful way. Lorraine spoke at the graveside and talked about that, I don't think there was a dry eye. We all find out what we're really made of at the end. I hope to God to be able to make a "good death,"  as medieval people put it, at peace with myself and the universe.

Tonight we are going to say goodbye to your brother -- he and Dag are moving to Dallas, Texas tomorrow. There will be some logistical issues for them to resolve, like dealing with the house they bought and spent so much time remodeling, but they seem very determined. She has found a job there. Some of her relatives had already moved there after her mother died, and they will be able to help them get settled. She has wanted to go south for a long time, and hasn't seemed very attached to this part of the world, especially in winter. Your brother will be able to find work right away also -- there is lots of construction and it goes on all year. It's a lower cost of living, and right now it has been struggle for them here. It makes me sad, though. At least I will know where he is, but if I ever have grandchildren they will be very far away.