for_ariane (for_ariane) wrote,

Message in a bottle

I have updated the intro to this journal to explain... Ariane came home after seven years of wandering without any contact with her family, and left again in the next year, the summer of 2006. I have re-opened the journal in the hope of using the power of the internet to cast messages in a bottle, where perhaps they might drift up on whatever shore she finds herself.

The most important first thing: Ariane, we love you. No matter what misunderstandings we have had, that remains unshakeable. Wherever you are in the world, if you ever need help, call us and we will be there. I will keep the same telephone number forever so you know where to find me. I can't promise that I won't retire some day, or live in a different house (I have never wanted to leave this spot, in case you should turn up), or be buried in some plot of ground. But as long as I am alive, you can call that telephone. And whatever it takes, both I and my spouse will be there. When L and I married, we promised that "thy people shall be my people," and you can count on L as much as you can count on me.
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