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More than anything, Ariane was a dancer. From her earliest childhood, spinning in her special dress with the big round skirt was her delight. She was always performing; her body, her self, her movement were all of a piece. I did the best I could to support her and never urged her to do anything more practical, even when my friends advised me not to encourage her, lest she be disappointed, performing arts being such a hard way to live. To me, creating Art and Beauty are sufficient justifications for a life, and the details will eventually take care of themselves. As someone whose youth was side-tracked off the path I had originally sought for myself, I felt that she had decades to settle for something else and if she never reached for the stars when she was young and without obligations she would certainly never achieve them. Like all children of all parents, she was a piece of me that never lived, and that I hoped to set free to twinkle among the stars, listening to her own special music and dancing her own dance.

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